Michael Acey

Furniture & Bespoke Interiors

Michael Acey Furniture and Bespoke Interiors was formed in early 2015 specialising in the design and craftmanship of freestanding furniture and fitted interiors in Argyll.


Michael provides a tailored service to both the commercial and domestic markets, from private homes to shops, bars and historical buildings his design styles range through traditional, contemporary and modern.

Working with individual clients throughout the design process, selecting materials and producing 3D imagery prior to production, his eye for detail and meticulous craftsmanship ensures high quality results that are truly bespoke.


About Me

After graduating in 2001 with an HND in Furniture Construction and Design, Michael went on to gain an invaluable eight years of experience working for Alan Hume Cabinetmakers before establishing his own partnership business in Glasgow.

After 6 years of successful trading and rapid growth Michael identified a gap in the market for high end bespoke furniture and interiors in his homeland of Argyll and the decision was made to relocate and re-establish himself as Michael Acey Furniture & Bespoke Interiors.

He maintains a strong working relationship with both Alan Hume and another acclaimed designer whom he has worked closely with throughout the years, Paul Hodgkiss.

My History

Almost 12 years after Michael embarked on his career as a cabinet maker, he made the interesting discovery that the skill had been in his ancestry. The photographs displayed show how Michael discovered his ancestry in letters written from his grandfather Ronald Menhinick.

Born in 1837, Michaels great, great, great, grandfather was a self-employed cabinet maker initially working from home. His son - Michael’s great, great, grandfather - carried on this trade, carving aeroplane propellers from solid wood during the Second World War.

The trade was continued by Michael's great grandfather who, although he didn't start his working life as a cabinet maker, became one of the top craftsman of window display cabinets in London, carrying out commissions for Abbotts & Co and then Dolcis.

They were all called William Henry Menhinick and the youngest passed away the year before Michael was born - creativity is in his genes and the cabinet making heritage lives on.


Michael believes in building strong client relationships, listening closely to their requirements with sympathetic consideration for the surroundings, as well as liaising with architects, interior designers and tradesmen where necessary.

Bringing with him a solid reputation, his vision is to capture and captivate the local market, steadily creating a strong and sustainable business and offering apprenticeship opportunities as his business grows.


E: michael@michaelacey.co.uk

T: 07793966156

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